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Ayurveda at Lake Garda

Ayurvedic beauty treatments in our Romantik Hotel

In our Romantik Hotel with wellbeing on Lake Garda you can embellish your holiday with effective wellbeing treatments: we are referring to Ayurveda medicine, a thousand-year-old Indian science which will make you feel born again with wellbeing. Following, you will find detailed descriptions.

Special treatments

Kash Bowl
€ 60

Relieves tiredness in the legs and feet.

Basti external
€ 70

A decontracting and purifying action for the back, neck, knees, abdomen, shoulders and chest.

Complete body treatments

Sarvanga Abhyanga
€ 85

Alleviates the tension of mind and body, reduces muscular and articular rigidity with a rejuvenating and nourishing effect.

Nala Abhyanga
€ 85

Improves vein and lymphatic circulation. Alleviates heaviness, in particular of the lower limbs.

€ 85

Draining and purifying, it dissolves the adipose deposits improving the skins appearance, which becomes softer and brighter.

Partial treatments

Shiro Abhyanga
€ 60

Combats anxiety, stress, energy loss, improves the quality of sleep and condition of hair.

Mukha Abhyanga
€ 70

Treatment with massage for the face, alleviates tiredness, prevents skin problems and smoothes facial lines.

Tanda Abhyanga
€ 60

Dedicated to the back and shoulders, it relieves tension and alleviates stress.

Griva Abhyanga
€ 60

Treatment for the cervical zone, shoulders and superior part of the back. Ideal for releasing muscular tension and stiffness.

Pada Abhyanga
€ 60

Useful for swollen legs and feet. A balsam for the body and mind.

Udara Abhyanga
€ 60

Helps to alleviate abdominal tension and favours intestinal movements.

Hasta Abhyanga
€ 50

Stimulation of the energy points. Improves joint flexibility, alleviates tiredness and relaxes.

Wonders, convenience, holidays...Discover our offers
06.10.2019 - 29.03.2020 One night for free

Autumn and winter on Lake Garda are dreamful! Plus as an extra incentive, according to the length of the holiday, we are prepared to offer you up to two night’s accommodation at our boutique hotel.

13.02 - 16.02.2020 Be my Valentine

Celebrate your love by surprising your other half on the day dedicated to lovers with a long weekend on Lake Garda enjoying a great amount of care in a romantic atmosphere.

2 nights from€ 456 per couple Info
2 nights from€ 456 per couple
Convenience is to be booked early!

- € 20 per night against price list with advance payment.

minus€ 20 per night Info
minus€ 20 per night
Stay with us

The more you stay, the more you save! According to the duration and booking period in fact, you will receive a discount up to 15% of the daily price.

a discount up to15 % Info
a discount up to15 %
Pure Romance

Celebrate your love with a marvellous interlude at Villa Sostaga...

€ 130 (without accomodation) Info
€ 130 (without accomodation)
Active + Wellness

Ideal for lovers of active holidays but not them alone... Unveil each one of the many aspects of Lake Garda enjoying them to the very end!

€ 99 per person (without accomodation) Info
€ 99 per person (without accomodation)
Emotions... vintage

Concede yourselves a holiday at Villa Sostaga with your vintage car and enjoy days of an unforgettable flavour with panoramic tours, moments of pure relaxation and exquisite culinary experiences with a view over Lake Garda.

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