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Wellness at Lake Garda

Ayurveda & more beauty treatments in our Romantik Hotel

In our Boutique Hotel with wellbeing on Lake Garda you can embellish your holiday with effective wellbeing treatments: we are referring to Ayurveda medicine, a thousand-year-old Indian science, and our massages, which will make you feel born again with wellbeing. You can also enjoy all our massages outside with a fantastic view. Following, you will find detailed descriptions.

Here you find our spa brochure.

Ayurveda treatments

Sarvanga Abhyanga
50 min. € 95,-

Considered the Ayurvedic massage par excellence, this relaxation technique involves the whole body with specific traction and manual skills typical of the Ayurveda tradition. It can be customized according to your dominant Dosha: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Sarvanga Abhyanga long
155 min. € 85,-

A complete massage that uses specific oils and stimulates the marma points. Oiling the head and body significantly improves joint flexibility, calms the senses, detoxifies the body and has a positive effect on the psyche.

75 min. € 145,-

Dedicated to the shoulders, head and face, it deeply relaxes and restores psycho/physical balance by pouring hot oil on the forehead - Dhara means “letting it flow in one point”. Useful in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and migraine.

Shirodhara long
120 min. € 210,-

Full body massage for shoulders, head, face and the rest of the body. Harmonizes physical, physiological and psychological functioning and offers a deep feeling of well-being.

Pitta Testa
45 min. € 65,-

A head massage, performed by friction, tapping, and hair pulling. It continues on the neck and back using Ayurvedic medicated oil. Offers a feeling of relief, calm and lightness, allows you to find clarity and the desire to move ahead.

50 min. € 100,-

Ayurvedic relaxing and pain-relieving treatment performed with manoeuvres using warm sachets containing medical herbs and essential oils that relax the muscles of the whole body.

Other treatments and massages

Relaxation massage
50 min. € 85,-

Relieves muscle tension and psychophysical stress through medium pressure movements and the support of moisturizing essential oils.

Draining massage
50 min. € 85,-

Frees the body from waste products and lipid accumulations and gives the tissue back its elasticity. With a light pressure, this treatment has a draining and purifying effect.

Deep tissue massage
50 min. € 85,-

Deep massage for relaxation and for regaining the elasticity and resilience of the muscle tissue. Ideal after an active day.

Sport massage
50 min. € 85,-

An antispasmodic and deeply effective muscle and joint massage that relaxes the tissue and fibres after great strain.

50 min. € 85,-

Gentle draining massage in a relieving back position. Helps to release back tensions and gives a new energy to the expectant mother.

5 senses massage
50 min. € 85,-

Relaxing massage performed with candles from which scented vegetable oils gently drip on the body, moisturizing the skin. A true sensory ritual

Californian massage
50 min. € 85,-

Conceived in California in the 1970s, this full body and head massage helps to find the balance between the physical and the spiritual self.

5 senses massage for two
50 min. € 170,-

In a warm atmosphere of scents, colours and lights, this massage, which uses warm oil from candles, nourishes and hydrates the skin with gentle manoeuvres and relaxing movements for the body and spirit.

Sweet moments massage
50 min. € 170,-

A special couples treatment based on sweet almond oil and essential oils, which penetrate the skin with their many natural qualities, releasing beneficial active ingredients.

Body- and facial massages

Body scrub
60 min. € 90

Body scrub with Himalayan salt and application of moisturizing and nourishing Shea butter.

Oriental perfume ritual (hammam)
60 min. € 120

This treatment, coming from the Eastern tradition, is relaxing, regenerating, nourishing and draining. The ritual begins with a Moroccan black soap savonage massaged with the original Kassa glove, according to the Maghreb tradition: an ancient gesture, indispensable in Moroccan beauty care

Moisturizing anti-aging face treatment
60 min. € 90

Treatment that involves cleansing, a scrub, massage and the application of a moisturizing or anti-aging mask.

Energizing anti-aging face treatment
60 min. € 120

Illuminating anti-aging facial treatment that includes cleansing, scrub with fruit alpha hydroxy acids, massage with specific cream against the signs of aging and application of a vitamin mask.

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€ 220 per couple (without accommodation)
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