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A “lake” of culture

The traces of history

The Garda territory consists of a phenomenal cultural offer. Just a short distance from our boutique hotel in fact, the Shrine of the Italian Victories are situated – museum exhibits of Gardone Riviera, once a residence of the Poet D’Annunzio –, the Museo della Carta (Toscolano Maderno) or the Pile Dwelling museum (UNESCO site) at Ledro. Plus, also, you can visit the many Romanesque churches throughout the territory or combine culture with shopping and high society, opting for nearby Brescia.


Gardone Riviera

The Shrine of the Italian Victories

A splendid museum complex greatly desired by the poet, writer and soldier Gabriele D’Annunzio, who elected it as his fixed abode from 1921 until the end of 1938, the year of his passing. The complex, apart from the Prioria – the villa where the poet lived – consists of the amphitheatre, auditorium, mausoleum and the military ship Puglia.


Lake Garda

Musical events

All the towns of Lake Garda host incredible concerts, which will cheer your evenings whilst being immersed in a unique atmosphere. We must not forget however that Verona with its fabulous Arena is not too distant...


Lake Garda

Romanesque churches

The ancient churches with baptistery are places where you can strongly and clearly feel the breath of history. With paintings, frescoes, sculptures and surprising architectural achievements, the bouquet of choice is as varied as it is fascinating.


Lake Garda

Lemon groves

Introduced to Lake Garda towards the end of the 1500’s, the purpose of the lemon groves was to protect the fruits from bad weather. From the countless legacies, only a few of them are still active, between Pra de la Fam and Tignale, the largest and most suggestive.



Villa Bettoni

Built in the Eighteenth century in Bogliaco in request of the Count Bettoni, the villa of the same name, which overlooks the waters of Lake Garda, represents a splendid example of architectural precision. Within, the villa hosts statues, frescoed halls, Rococo staircases, works of art and a spectacular garden in Italian style.


Toscolano Maderno

Valle delle Cartiere (Valley of the Paper mills)

Thanks to its position on the banks on the Toscolano river, on the Brescia banks of lake Garda, since the fifteenth century the Valle delle Cartiere has represented an important paper pole; a past that today makes it one of the most interesting archaeological -  industrial areas in Italy.



Museum of the Pile Dwellings

Born in the 70’s in the town of Molina di Ledro, this important site was recognised as a World Heritage site UNESCO. The pine dwelling complex, nestling on the bed of the Ponale stream, dates back to 4000 years ago and, apart from the ancient village, it consists of a museum which houses many finds from the Bronze Age.



Village of Cima Rest

Nestled among green meadows at 1200 m above sea level, with Monte Tombea towering above is the charming village of Cima Rest, famous for its thatched roof barns. This destination is perfect for hikers and mountain bikers, and also hosts the Ethnographic Museum of Valvestino.

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